Our goal is to present AfroBlast as it relates to Africans, Afro-Americans, black tradition, culture, sports, in ways that represent ourselves.  As opposed to others presenting who they assume or stereotype we should represent. We want the world to know, through our culture, tradition, art/entertainment, music, social living, what it means to be an Afro-American of African descent. We will serve as a bridge and  build better relationships with other races and ethnic groups. AfroBlast is a media revolution which will connect people and close the gap.  Our purpose is to stop stereotyping, bigotry, and rejection and begin to open lines of positive communication.

We believe that presenting our values will show the world what we can do, offer, and contribute. We also believe that positive perceptions and respect will build stronger relationships between races and ethnic groups all around the world. AfroBlast is presenting various instructive programs that will connect Africa to the world and the world to Africa through the eyes of the AfroBlast community. The media world has never pooled this relationship in the manner that AfroBlast will merge and collectively share, “the better, not bitter of our past, present and future”.